YONG FONG IRON WORKS is a leading supplier specializes in Steel Iron Works, Security Door, Stainless Steel Autogate, Window Grille, Staircase Railing and established in Malaysia. If you require a custom iron works for your house, garden or office, please make sure to check out our recent iron works and request a FREE ESTIMATE before you decide. We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of Quality of Work, Timely Delivery, Customer Service and Value for your Money.

YONG FONG IRON WORKS is your choice when Custom Iron Works needed, We fabricate and install all types of fences, gates, railings, balconies, window guards, fire escapes, iron screen doors and other special projects using Iron, Aluminum, Wood, Glass, and other Materials.

Call Us and Verify why YONG FONG IRON WORKS can make your ideas come True with Passion and more than 10 years of Experience...


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